Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Poet Talks to Jesus

This is what it sounds like when a poet talks to Jesus: Johnny Cash's rendition of the Nine Inch Nails song, "Hurt." While it is doubtful (albeit not impossible) that the original author of the song, Trent Reznor, was addressing Jesus as his "sweetest friend," judging by his video, Cash might have been. At least that's how I hear it.
Reznor was quoted in USA Today saying, "I'm not proud to say I hate myself and don't like what I am, but maybe there is real human communication that ends up positive even though everything being said is negative."

There is: Jesus died for that. For more posts on hating ourselves, click here.

Suggested verse to repeat if it's a difficult day is another poet talking to God:
Psalm 38:18
PRC buddies, remember to breathe!
"I confess my iniquity -------> 5 count inhale
I am sorry for my sin." -------> 5 count exhale

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