Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Art of Being in Pain

People are remarkable. As I peruse works like those included in the following video, I find myself wondering, is such beauty created despite pain, or as a result of it? Does pain lead to genius? Or does genius simply refuse to be stamped out? Then I figure, what difference does it make? All genius is a gift from God. It's beautiful. Enjoy the video below. For more on art and pain, read the The Art of Being in Pain #2.

New York Times Article: "Pain as an Artform"
Pain Exhibit Slide Show
**Careful -- even I found some of these images disturbing.
PRC buddies, remember to breathe!
Suggested verse to repeat if it's a difficult day is from Psalm 16:6b
"Indeed I have; -------> 5 count inhale
a beautiful inheritance." -------> 5 count exhale
Edvard Munch
"The Scream," 1921

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